Welcome to Paxos Island

Paxos island is one of the most beautiful islands of the IONIAN sea. Paxos is a small island full of trees (mainly olive trees) and numerous wonderful beaches. Its capital, and bigger village is Gaios, but there are many other lovely villages, such as Loggos, Lakka, and Magazia. Only a small visit in our island will make you love it for ever. Paxos island is located 7 miles south of Corfu, and 8 miles from Epirus coast. Paxos extends in an area of 19 square kilometres and it consists of more than 6 smaller islands, among them Antipaxos which is famous for its sandy beaches.


Paxos Sights

Paxos island is a heaven based on earth, with crystal-clear waters and greenery that reaches the sea. You can travel around the island by hiring a car or a small boat, enjoy the beautiful beaches that surround the island, go fishing, and visit Antipaxos island, were you will be impressed by the sensational water. Moreover, if you are into hiking you could visit the numerous churches that are scattered around the island, and watch the marvellous sunset in St. Apostoloi. On the western part of the island you can visit (by boat) the blue caves, Ortholithos, Erimitis, and Kamara, landscapes of natural beauty that will amaze you.



Did you know?

According to greek myths, Paxos island was created by Poseidon (the ancient Greek god of sea) in order to have a paradise for him and his lover, Amfitriti. With the use of his trident, Poseidon cut a piece from Corfu island, and created Paxos.